Technical Bachelor’s Degree in Denturism Completion Program

The American Denturist College requires a minimum of a Diploma in Denturism from the ADC or an ADC recognized institution.

Students who have earned a Diploma in Denturism from other institutions may be eligible to apply for the Technical Bachelor’s Degree in Denturism Completion Program. Please contact ADC to have your Diploma in Denturism vetted prior to applying.

Completion Program:

The diploma will transfer in for the following courses:

ANAT 101 – General Anatomy & Physiology

MBIC 201 – Microbiology & Infection Control

OANA 201 – Orofacial Anatomy & Biomechanics

GHST 201 – General Histology, Dental Histology & Embryology

OPAM 210 – Oral Pathology & Medicine

PDNT 301 – Pre-clinical Prosthetics: Clinical & Lab

ECOM 108 – English Composition

PERI 240 – Periodontology

ANAT 102 – General Anatomy & Physiology

DMAT 220 – Dental Materials

PHRM 210 – Pharmacology

CDNT 310 – Clinical Prosthetics: Clinical & Lab

COMM 114 – Speech & Communication

DPSY 220 – Dental Psychology

RADP 210 – Radiographic Pattern Recognition

SOCI 114 – Sociology

DPSY 130 – Dental Psychology & the Aging Process

CDNT 311 – Clinical Prosthetics: Clinical & Lab

MEDE 150 – Medical Emergencies

ELPR 220 – Ethics, Legal & Professional Relationships

MNGT 160 – Small Business Management

PMAN 161 – Practice Management

PHLR 170 – Public Health, Legislation, & Research

NUTR 200 – Nutrition

RDNT 320 – Removable Partial Dentures: Clinical & Lab

IDNT 330 – Dentures over Implants

To earn the Technical Bachelor’s Degree in Denturism in the completion program, students will complete:

ACCT 200 Accounting Fundamentals

ACCT 210 Accounting Information Systems – Practical Emphasis

ADNT 450 Advanced Denture Techniques

ART 120 Dental Photography

ARTD 110 Art and Design

CDNT 475 Complex Prosthetics- obturators, swing lock, smile design integration

DDNT Digital Dentures / CAD CAM

IDNT 450 Implant Supported Prosthetics Theory

IDNT 451 Implant Supported Prosthetics Lab

MARK 220 Marketing Essentials

MATH 110 Business Math

Technical Bachelor’s Degree in Denturism Completion Program Fees

List of Fees

The following is a list of the fees associated with the Technical Bachelor’s Degree in Denturism.  These fees do not include any expenses associated with travel, meals and lodging to complete the Externship.

Description Amount Date Due
Application Fee $50.00 At Application
Admission Exam Fee (per time) * $50.00 At Application
English Language Proficiency Test Fee – If applicable Student responsible   At Application
Registration Fee $150.00 Onetime at Enrollment
Technology Fee $100.00 Onetime at Enrollment
Tuition: $12,180.00
Lab Supplies: *May be waived if Student already owns a Stratus 300 with Factory Calibration $1,050.00* Prior to start of Term 1
Estimated fees for non-provided supplies $3,000.00
Books: Estimated cost from third party provider
Corporate Financial Accounting, 12th Edition, Author Carl Warren, James Reeve, Jonathan Duchac, ISBN-13: $55
BUSINESS MATH: A Step-By-Step Handbook Version 2021 – Revision C, Author J. Olivier, Red River College, Creative Commons, Linked in course $0
QuickBooks Online, Copyright 2014 (Online tutorials) $0
MKTG 8, 8th Edition, Author Charles W. Lamb, Joseph F. Hair, and Carl McDaniel, ISBN-13: 9781285432625 $45
Introduction to Art: Design, Context, and Meaning, Author Pamela Sachant, University of North Georgia, Peggy Blood, Savannah State University, IBN- Open Textbook Library $0
Mandibular Suction-Effective Denture, The Professional, Clinical and Laboratory Technique for Class I/II/III with Aesthetics 1st Edition, Author Jiro Abe, Kenji Iwaki, Tetsuya Sudo , Kyoko Kokubo, ISBN-13: 978-4781206769 $130
Dental Implant Prosthetics (Second Edition), Carl E. Misch, ISBN-13: 978-0-323-07845-0 $170
Mastering Digital Dental Photography, Author Wolfgang Bengel, ISBN-13: 978-1850971528 $170
Estimated Book Cost $800
  • Based on prior education.
  • * If the student fails to make their lab supplies payment on time, they may be charged for expedited shipping. The actual cost of the shipping with a 10% handling fee will be assessed to the student.  International students will be charged for all shipping, customs, & tariff costs. *** Other payment plans are available.  Please contact Director of Admissions for options.

All tuition and fees are due on the dates prescribed above.  If fees are not received by those dates, the student will not be allowed to begin the next term’s courses unless all outstanding fees are paid or arrangements are made prior to the start of the courses with Admissions.  Failure to pay tuition and/or fees within one week of the beginning of the term will result in termination.

** All books must be purchased by the Student.  If the student needs assistance, please contact the ADC. **

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