As a Denturist, have you ever asked yourself, “What’s next”? Are you content with the business model you have, or would you like to expand? The American Denturist School can help. Maybe you have a family member or lab technician that you feel would make a great denturist. Why not expand your business, add another denturist?  Our convenient, online programs allow students to take classes without having to relocate or quit their current job.  In as little as two years, you could have a Denturist working for you, expanding your business.

Have you ensured that your business is set up so that you can retire when the time comes? Do you have a backup plan? Well, you do now! The American Denturist School requires all students to complete an Externship. Many of our students are looking to do their externship under a licensed Denturist that is looking to retire and sell their business. This is the perfect opportunity for you as a business owner to capitalize on your years of hard work and dedication to your patients. Train the next generation of Denturist right there in your office. Who better then to learn from then you? Your patients will be passed on to a Denturist that you not only trained but trust to take care of them.