As a lab technician or lab owner you have seen firsthand that the industry is rapidly changing. Are you concerned that you are possibly going to be out of a job or that your business will not be able to sustain all the changes in the industry? Now there is a way to help fix that problem-  become a Denturist! The American Denturist School allows students to attend school while they continue to work and run their businesses. There is no need to quit your job or relocate to attend classes. Our convenient, online courses allow you to maintain your life and attend courses. Your skills as a technician has changed lives, you just haven’t been there to see it. Why not be the one who actually works with the patients and gets to see firsthand how your skills can change lives. Becoming a denturist has never been more convenient then it is today. In as short as two-years you could be seeing patients and changing lives. Take control of your future and make a change for the better. You will never regret that you did.

Are you working chairside with a Dentist right now on complex cases?  Do you understand the terminology that is be spoken and the techniques being used?  Expand your knowledge and get a Denturist Diploma – you will soon be on a level playing field with the other dental professionals you are working with.

Looking for a new profit center for your lab in the face of all of this technological change?!  Put one of your lab technician through the Denturist Diploma program and serve the doctors that you are providing removable prosthetics with access to your expert denture clinician!  Help them help you expand the removeable department in your lab today!