As a Dentist, you see daily that a lot of your patients are in need of dentures. Although you can provide this to them, why not bring in specialist in the field to give them the best care you can offer?  Adding a Denturist to your dental practice can be a huge profit center for your business. Allowing a Denturist to care for your patients will not only give your patients the quality of dentures they deserve but will also allow you to focus on the bigger dental cases that require your expertise.

Do you have an outstanding lab technician that works for you and you would like to be able to utilize their talents to the fullest degree? Why not have them attend the American Denturist School to get their Denturist Diploma? Our convenient, online programs allow students to take classes without having to relocate or quit their jobs.  In as short as two years, you could have a denturist working for you, expanding your business.

Another way to expand your dental practice is to supervise an American Denturist School Extern. All students are required to complete an Externship as part of their education. Many of our students are looking to do their externship under a licensed dentist.